Is your selfie game totally lame? Are you constantly posting bathroom shots of yourself and forgetting about the turd in the toilet behind you? Are people questioning your well-being when they notice the piles of clothes and trash in the background of your Facebook profile pictures? Well, you're in luck!

There's a business in town that specializes in making you look extra cool and special even if you totally suck.

Maybe you don't ever go anywhere fancy. Maybe your entire life is eating ramen in your dorm room and wishing you were good enough for your parents. Maybe your grandma finally cut you off financially for failing all of your classes and now you can't afford those luxury trips where you might capture fun memories with your friends in REAL places.

That's okay. Say Selfie LBK won't tell your secrets.

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If you're 100 percent tapped out of creativity and feel the need to pay money to go somewhere and take your own photo, with your own phone, this is the place for you. You can even put on a fancy dress and pretend to drink champagne somewhere cool, instead of actually doing it in real life. Amazing!

Instead of spending $250 on hosting your own super sweet party, you can instead spend $250 for a party package at Say Selfie LBK and just make believe you're doing fun stuff. How trendy. Oh, and if you get 10 or more other sad people that are also void of cool selfies and dying from a lack of online attention to go in there with you, you can even get a discounted rate. What a day to be alive in Lubbock, Texas.

I need a drink.

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