Makeup products are insanely expensive, especially if you have a taste for shopping at Ulta. Just yesterday, I spent over $150 on some new makeup, and that only covered maybe 5 or 6 items.

A TikToker who goes by the handle @dumpsterdivingmama spends her time digging through dumpsters near popular businesses, and sometimes she scores big.

She went through dumpsters behind an Ulta and found tons of brand-new products that were thrown out. It appears that employees dumped some kind of foundation product into the bag of trashed makeup to dissuade people from stealing it. After washing the items off in the sink, she was left with quite the bargain: totally free, perfectly good makeup.

In the video, she mentions another visit she made to that particular dumpster and says the products she found that day were covered in shampoo. If you don't mind washing things off in the sink at home or looking a bit odd to people that might see you, digging in the trash behind Ulta could be quite lucrative.

Sounds like a nice afternoon, and much better than blowing tons of cash in the store. It's also completely legal. There are no laws against digging through the trash after someone has placed it in a public garbage area.

According to, as soon as the items have been thrown away, a person or business has forfeited their ownership and rights to those items. Whatever they tossed out becomes public domain.

So grab some gloves and let's go dumpster diving behind the best places in town. I can think of a few great spots. What about you?

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