Holy crap guys, this one's a doozy. A TikToker decided to surprise her man by hiding her positive pregnancy test under his waffles. He reacts the same way most people would if they suddenly realized there might be a little peepee in their food.

There are plenty of clever ways out there to surprise your man with baby news, and this one was an epic fail. I'm sure the father-to-be is very excited about the new baby, but finding the test halfway through eating his waffles was definitely a shocker. Nothing quite takes your appetite away like finding out there is some urine in your food.


Note to all of your ladies out there, this is definitely the wrong way to share the news. Instead of getting immediately happy about it, he questions over and over as to why the test is in his food. She tries to tell him "it's the drop kind" referring to it just being a drop of pee like it was no big deal and he should just get over it.

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If you went to a restaurant and someone told you "Well, there is ONLY a drop of pee in your food. It's totally fine!" you would probably be pretty grossed out and never eat there again. Bodily fluids don't belong in food. I can't even think of a scenario in which it would be appropriate because it just isn't.

I'm sure she meant well and probably didn't expect him to be so grossed out, but I can't blame the guy. If I was him, I'd probably never eat waffles again.

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