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In a video that has received 1.6 million views and countless "stitch" reposts, TikTok user @ashleylelkins28 claims she was photographed and harassed by a man inside a Lubbock Walmart. While I cannot be certain of everything that happened (of course), I believe her account of what happened. Let me tell you why.

The very first thing we hear is her saying, "please go away from me, go to a different spot, you walked towards me, don't take pictures of me," to which he replies " get the f**k out of my face. Don't dress like a whore."

Surely, he knows he's being recorded, but instead of saying, "I didn't take pictures of you" like any innocent or sane person would do, he de facto blames her for him taking the photos. As if "dressing like a whore" means people can photograph you, follow you and harass you without your permission. I can't believe the audacity of this man. Also, dude, you're at Walmart -- GET AN UNDERSHIRT.

I'm not calling for anyone to name or "find" this guy. As a woman who's been harassed by creeps, I just want this behavior to stop. In fact, I was messaged with something vaguely threatening and sexual in nature just yesterday. Of course, a DM is nothing compared to in-person harassment, it's just an anecdote to prove this crap happens constantly to all kinds of women, no matter their age, how they dress, or where they are.

If this guy was such an odious creep, I'd feel bad for him, as a very popular TikTok account has picked up this story. @dadthebountyhunter, who has over 300,000 followers, has some things to say about this behavior:

The lesson here? Don't film, photo, harass or follow anyone you don't know. I can't believe that has to be spelled out for some people.

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