Lubbock TikToker @kyndallkizer posted a pretty funny video about what your favorite Lubbock bar says about you. It's a bit harsh, but there is an undeniable element of truth to it. I've got to admit, I didn't even know some of these places existed, and honestly, I must be old when it comes to where I hang out.

Check out the video and see if they did your favorite bar dirty or if it seems on point:

Lubbock certainly doesn't have a shortage of bars and everyone seems to have their favorite. I was partial to Skooners for a million years, but now, I tend to hang out at BarPm and Flippers the most often.

I think my favorite part of the video was when they mentioned The Library, and said it was just a phase you would grow out of. I definitely went through that phase and you probably did too. I went there not long ago and was flooded with memories from when I was about 22, puking my guts out in the bathroom after way too much tequila. Ugh. I don't think I've been the same since.

Do you think they got it right? Do you feel old like me? What's your favorite Lubbock bar? Leave us a comment on our FMX Facebook page. I'm always down for a drink and maybe I need to check out your neck of the woods.  I'll meet ya there if it's not past my bedtime. These old bones need 8 hours of sleep to properly function.

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