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Goodness, how I miss Lubbock's legendary First Friday Art Trail. The beautiful, eclectic art and venues, the street food, the beer, and always running into 900 people you love. Honestly, I crave it maybe more than any other social interaction.

via Raicodoll
via Raicodoll- She's on Etsy!

FFAT is going virtual again for the month of May. Here's how it works, and how YOU can be a part of it:

1. How's it work?
We're encouraging artists all over Lubbock to post their art across social media this Friday using the hashtag #VirtualFirstFriday so that we can all virtually enjoy and support local art together, as we have done downtown for years and years.
This Friday, [May 1st]! Post your works of art, music, and films all day for the public to enjoy in the evening (rain or shine, guess we're online!) Don't forget to tag each piece/post with #VirtualFirstFriday for others to see!
2. Where's this thing at? We can't go anywhere.
Wherever hashtags are found! Jump from "gallery" to "gallery" across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, searching #VirtualFirstFridayLBK to see local art from all over the area!
3. Why is this happening?
The pandemic? We don't know.
The art show? Because we ❤️ art!
We also live in the 21st century where virtual art shows are possible! So LOG IN once again THIS FRIDAY to support local artists with us, wherever you are! Post your artwork for everyone in town to see, again, using the hashtag #VirtualFirstFridayLBK! We'll see you there!
A big thank you to Mike Corrales and Raicodoll for allowing me to use their awesome art to pretty up this article.

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