If you'd like to see a little Texas history, and maybe a ghost or two, check out these four old west-type attractions.

Image by Teresalunt from Pixabay/Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
Image by Teresalunt from Pixabay/Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The Grove

The Grove was established in 1859 and named after a grove of oak trees. This was apparently one of those "Town For Sale" type situations. The place was set to host a museum, live music, and events, and all of a sudden it didn't (or they keep it on the down low). It looks like "old West" type facades and buildings were either put up or renovated. The town's official designation is that of a "Historical Museum" town, and based on available information it is for sale again.


Terlingua is home to "Ghost Town Texas". You are able to free-roam around ruins that once belonged to a mining company. Terlingua has a real "boot-hill" type cemetery and even celebrates some Day Of The Dead festivities. Despite this being a real abandoned mining town, an operational saloon/restaurant is available to provide refreshments.

J.Lorriane Ghost Town

Manor, Texas is the home of J. Lorriane Ghost Town. It is a little hard to discern if there is a historical basis for any of this, but it does look like fun. There appears to be a number of old west/1800s-type structures, in addition to newer amenities like a two-story outdoor movie screen. They also have beer and wine concessions and describe themselves as "4.5 Acre Outdoor Western Theme Town and Amusement Center".  


Helena, Texas brings us back to the "authentic" ghost town designation. The town was founded in 1852 and became known as "The toughest town on earth" (partially due to the "Hell" in the Helena name). There are tales of knife duels and wealthy ranchers attempting to destroy the town before it was (mostly) given up for good. Some of the old buildings have been refurbished to look at and some locations have historical markers.

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