The possible Texas Voter I.D. law is another either another ridiculous attempt to distract voters or symptomatic of an out of touch government.  When was the last time you heard of anyone cheating at the polls?  It should be EASY to vote, not hard and I can't believe they're even making this part of the political discourse.  More after the jump.


Ask yourself this, what does ONE person have to gain by cheating at the polls?Nothing.  The fact of the matter is that "every vote does not count".   Almost all elections are decided by thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of votes.  Now if one person could vote several hundred times, it might be worth of it for them to cheat, but it's physically impossible.

What's funny is that our governor (and former Presidential candidate) wants to try to turn the denial of this law into some type of "political over reach" by our President.  I'd go the other way and say requiring a photo i.d. is political over reach.  Either way, it's a waste of time when we have so many other "real" issues out there that need to be addressed.

So anyways, who would get hurt by the "photo i.d." law?  Probably a few recent immigrants and a few old people (who've given up driving).  A better guess is, it would hurt you and me.  Quite often I vote when I walk by a poll and find it convenient; if I don't have my i.d. it's no longer possible. Also, do you want to live in a police state where you have to have a government issued i.d. on you at all times?  That's not that far away from having a microchip implanted or a tattoo of your "number".  You think that's a reach?  No way, it would initially be promoted as "easier", then when a lot of people get it done it could be mandated.   They've mandated it for pets. Okay, I've taken this a bit far, but do you see how this "voter i.d." non issue can take on a life of its own and distract you from water problems, disaster aid, or immigration reform.

I personally NEVER in my life have heard of one person I know who has voted when they shouldn't have, have you?

Don't be distracted by this non-starter "issue".

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