Two years before "Pirates Of The Caribbean" , a young Keira Knightley starred in a pretty cool suspense thriller called "The Hole".  I had no idea she was about to show the moneymakers.  Yeow!  Read more after the break.

It might seen that I have a "thing" for Keira Knightley.  I just blogged about "A Dangerous Method" that features her as one of the kinky patients of Freud and Jung; but this is just coincidence.  My Netflix recommend the movie which actually "stars" Thora Birch who at the time was still riding high from "American Beauty".

The movie is pretty simple on the surface but it turns into a pretty good Thriller.  Four kids from a British private school ditch a lame field trip and go party in an old bomb shelter, but they end up locked in.  That's about what you need to know going in to the movie.  It's a pretty good flick.  I'd give it four our of five Nightmares.

Oh, and Keira Knightley shows here boobs for no real reason.  She just flashes a guy.  She shows them again later, but the second time is very unsexy.  I always though she was one of those snotty British untouchable types, I had no idea she was a playa.  Yeow! There's also a scene of her dancing with Thora that's pretty hot.