Halloween is right around the corner, and there has been a ton of chatter online about checking your child's candy for razor blades and drugs and all that stuff. I don't really buy into those crazy rumors. It seems pretty tedious to go through a whole bag of mini Snickers just to shove a needle into each one. Who has time for that? And I know for a fact that drugs are expensive. Giving them away for free is pretty bad business practice.

Moving on.

Here are a few things that you just might find in your kid's candy in Lubbock that could be cause for alarm. I know you want the kiddos to be safe out there and have a nice Halloween. Make sure you check their candy bags for this stuff:

Watch Out For This Crazy Stuff In Your Kid's Halloween Candy In Lubbock

We've got to protect the children.

It's a scary world out there. We hope you have a wonderful Halloween.

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