Well, this is embarrassing...

It looks like a lot of people are doing their business in the water at the most popular beaches in Texas. Nearly every single beach in Texas has tested positive for "unsafe levels of fecal bacteria" according to a new study shared by FOX26 last month.

Check out the video below that describes just how gross our beaches are right now:

If you're planning a beach vacation, you might want to cancel it altogether, or at least avoid swimming in the water at the top 5 Texas beaches that were found to have the most poo in the water.

Texas City Dike in Galveston County was found to have the highest levels of fecal matter in the water, followed by University Beach in Nueces County, 25th Street in Galveston, County, Clara Street in Galveston County, and Sylvan Beach Park in Harris County.

I'm so grossed out, dude.

I've been to several of these beaches. I will certainly not be hopping in there any time soon. I was actually bummed out I couldn't make it on a family beach trip over the summer, and now I'm glad I stayed home! No, thanks! If I wanted to swim in a toilet, I could do that in my own bathroom.

Guys, please tell your kiddos that taking a dump in the water is NOT COOL, and drag your lazy butt to the bathroom to take care of business. This is really gross and we've got to do better. Now the rest of the world knows everyone in Texas is pooing in the water! How embarrassing. Lord, have mercy.

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