If you are like me and hate mowing your yard, guess you aren't going to have much of a choice after Tuesday.

The City of Lubbock Codes Department will be having all kinds of fun driving around on Tuesday, September 18th taking a look at peoples yards and deciding if the weeds are too high.

With all the rain it takes no time for the weeds to go crazy, I should know, mine is looking rough right now.

Here is the skinny from The City of Lubbock:

  • Uncultivated vegetation over 8 inches high is a violation of the nuisance weed ordinance.
  • Property owners have to mow from the front curb of their property to the middle of their alley.
  • The Codes Department sends out notices of violation to property owners listed on the tax records.
  • Property owners have 7 days to mow their property after they receive a citation.
  • If a property owner does not mow their property, the Codes Department uses private contractors to mow the property.
  • If the Codes Department mows your property, you will be charged for the cost of the mowing plus a $150 administration charge.
  • If that charge goes unpaid, you can have a lien placed on your property.

And if you rent, you won't get the notice, your landlord will. Keep on their good side and try to get out there an mow.

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