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[/caption]If you haven't voted yet, get ready for some dumb-dumb nonsense.

Voting in Texas has now been more dumbed down due to accusations of election tampering. If you haven't hit the polls yet, you'll now see all new equipment that not only registers your vote electronically but prints out a paper ballot. This process is just plain dumb.

What happens when you vote is you are given a piece of paper that you feed into the machine that registers a backup copy of your vote. Of course, they couldn't use a more-efficient process like preloaded paper because then people would claim it was preprinted or some nonsense like that.

Untold millions have been spent because of disappointed, loser politicians. They successfully convinced people who aren't tech-savvy that somehow the computers weren't accurately counting and/or changing their votes.  It's a dumb theory and of the few cases where there seemed to be a problem, it's almost always because the idiot voter didn't understand the machine.

Let's look at some of these costs too. I'm sure you realize that these new voting machines cost a huge chunk of change, but what about the proprietary ink? What about the special ballot paper? How about the storage of the ballots? What about the people who have to care for those ballots? If you want to talk about a scam, it's not the machines changing votes, it's about making money hand over fist based on the fears of some people afraid of technology.

I'm about to be proven right in a couple of weeks when all of these new processes are put into place and there will be no wild swings either way in the process.

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