By now, you probably haven't seen the new Lubbock logo (or maybe not)

It appears this logo arrived with a resounding thud, mostly because it's well, a little underwhelming. It says nothing about the town, what it means, what we're about, or why you should come here. Again, this is a "community-wide branding initiative" (spear-headed by the Chamber, LEDA, and Market Lubbock. It is not the City Of Lubbock)

KFMX FM logo
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Since there are rules to using the new logo, I completely recreated it in Pixlr (yeah, it's so simple that I made my own original version in minutes). I later realized, since I made this myself, I can do whatever the heck I wanted with it. Well, you know me, I decided to add some slogans to the logo to spiff it up a bit. Enjoy.


LBK Slogans

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