A lot of people are fighting right now, but they never ask the most important question.

That question is, "what happens after the fight?".Chances are no matter what the topic, the thing that comes after a fight, is not victory, but just a small period of time before the fight begins again.

Right now a lot of people are fighting over politics. So what comes after the fight? Neither side is going to win. If everyone went out on the streets and started clubbing each other to death, there still would be no ultimate change or winner.

If you want to change things politically, the only way to change things is to actually get involved in, and not just talk about the process. That's it. You can go be a jerk on any street corner and you aren't going to convince anyone of anything. Some people will honk or give you the finger, but you have changed ZERO minds.

I hope you'll keep this in mind and help lower the temperature out there. There's just no sense in getting excited about things that ultimately don't matter. At the same time, if you want to make a difference, get out there and do something. The satisfaction that you get from delivering a slam to someone online is fleeting and doesn't really change things.

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