The other day driving down our Interstate a funeral procession came up the other side of the highway. The driver in front of me STOPPED in the middle lane of the 65 mph Interstate.

First off, let's skip if you're actually in a funeral procession. I'm sure you'll be instructed to do what you need to do by the funeral director or police. Let's move right on with what to do if you see one coming up behind you, or on the other side of the road.

If you see a funeral procession on the other side of the road coming towards you, like most driving, it's about being nice, and not necessarily about the law. You can choose to just keep on keeping on, but it's somewhat customary to slowly move to the right and possibly stop when you are completely off the roadway. This is if you are facing the procession.

Now if a funeral is coming up behind you with lights on and usually an officer leading it, it is then defined as a procession, and you are legally required to yield to the procession. Once again, that's to slowly move over to the right and let the procession through.  This is why people get confused about the whole thing, if it's coming at you it's being nice if it's coming from behind you its required. People just get mixed up with the two.

The one thing you should absolutely, never, ever, ever do, is what the jerk did to me and that's to stop in the middle of the Interstate.

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