If you need to hide a body, Lubbock might not be a terrible place for it. There are many areas in town that are so notoriously overgrown that it makes you wonder if the city is hard up for landscapers. Then you remember that it's pretty much ALWAYS been this way.

Who's responsible for this mess on the loop?

That looks a bit dangerous. The weeds are actually hanging over into the street, and from the perspective of the driver on this access road, the weeds are close to making it hard to read street signs. By the time this situation is taken care of, there are probably already a million other places that are in need of chopping. An endless uphill battle that is probably frustrating for those that do their best to maintain the city.

Citizens can be fined by the city for letting their grass grow too long. Can the city be fined by the citizens for not holding up their end of the bargain? Surely there's a fleet of people that work for the city and handle situations such as these. Are they perhaps low on staff?

To be fair, we did see workers mowing grass not far from where we took these pictures (the Marsha Sharp Freeway access road between Slide Road and Quaker Ave, right in front of Cactus Alley), albeit on the other side of the highway. But this type of overgrowth doesn't just happen overnight. This green eyesore has been there for a while.

Imagine your friends from out of town coming to visit you in Lubbock. They've never been here before. You've told them how lovely your city is. Then you drive past something like this. It's pretty embarrassing, and it kind of looks like nobody gives a crap.

Large Swaths of Grass Around Lubbock Highways Are Uncut

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