So what if Lubbock was a giant music festival?

It's a really weird question, but what if the Hub City had an announcement like the When We Were Young Festival that's taking place in Las Vegas? To skip to the answer, scroll down to below for the full "ad."

The When We Were Young Festival is a giant festival full of emo bands and the lineup is so intense and so talent heavy that it's hard to believe it's true. Even crazier is how the announcement took everyone by surprise. The next thing you know, everyone's Facebook feed was covered with the announcement. This was quickly followed by memes featuring other lineups. (I'd really like to see a grunge one, please.)

I threw this quick meme together, which you're welcome to share in any form, and let me tell you. I feel sorry for the graphic designer that had to put together the poster for the real event. Sure, they were probably just gathering up logos, but dang! So anyway, I apologize if I left something that was trademark Lubbock out, but I think this will give people a chuckle or two. Heck, maybe you can improve on it and we'll post that one, too.

I included some of the big things like the haboobs and our current crime problems, and some other things were included just because they took up the right amount of space. (If you're insulted, don't take it too seriously. It's all in fun and we love Lubbock!)


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