I understand that people sometimes want to talk about a movie after they've seen it. They want to brag that they have seen it, their opinions on it, and really decompress after an intense story. But bruh, don't you have friends you can talk to?

Posting spoilers on the internet has become kind of a "gotcha" game. Let's not forget that the internet and social media are jam-packed with people whose only purpose in life is to try to get attention for themselves by upsetting someone else. These people are really the lowest of the low, cultivating a life as a jerk that operates in the shadows.

So far, I've avoided most spoilers for the new Avengers movie. I doubt that it won't be spoiled for me by the time I get around it. I have seen a few memes that may or may not have given away, at least partially, key scenes to the movie.

The folks who published these are no longer on my friend's list. Sure, it's kind of my responsibility to knock the movie out so we can talk about it, but the fact of the matter is, even with that, I don't really want to know anyone who would willingly ruin an experience like that for other people. Oh, and Batman dies. JK, Batman isn't in the Avengers.

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