I guess we have to ask ourselves the question, would social media still be fun without people like this?

I do believe we would all be much better off if we were kinder and more supportive of each other (and just like that, I'm about to be "not so kind").

Let's start at the top. We just had a giant Taylor Swift ticket sale/debacle. People, some waiting incredible amounts of time, spent sometimes insane amounts of money to see their idol

From where I sit, I say, "good for them!". I'm happy for them. In a world full of COVID, hate, and war, they get to get together with tens of thousands of like-minded people and party it up with one of their favorite artists. I feel like I can share in their joy, just sitting here on the sidelines.

The haters though, can't have this. Instead of sharing in the joy, they have to make it about themselves.  Nearly instantly, counter posts and memes were spread saying that they "wouldn't go see Taylor Swift if she was performing in their (my) bathroom".

Okay, let me start by saying, #1. quit being stupid, and #2. sorry, this isn't about you.

Let's say there is a mystical world where superstar artists mysteriously show up and start playing in your bathroom, you would 100% go in there to check it out. You would move the toilet plunger out of the way so you could stand there and hate-watch if nothing else.

Next up, is the reason we're here. I'm sorry someone is getting more attention than you. I'm sorry that people love something different than you. Not everything is going to be about you. No one appointed you the commissioner of what's good or bad and your opinion is a narcissistic squawk into the hallway of your own ego.

Quit being a miserable, self-absorbed little hater.  Over two million Taylor Swift tickets were sold and her fans are pumped, so any questions about her popularity or whether she has value have been answered, and you lose. Be happy for people and maybe they'll be happy for you.

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