The Cattle Baron restaurant served Lubbock for many, many years and was an iconic steak house with a huge history and an amazing menu. When they randomly closed down people were so confused and sad. Then, last January the sign from the picture above came up saying it was sold. So many questions were still unanswered.

After doing some digging trying to find out new places in Lubbock, I did it. I figured out what's opening there...I think.

Corralito Steak House is set to open here in Lubbock in January 2022, according to the employee I spoke to on the phone at one of their El Paso locations and Lubbock in the Loop.

We've reached out to three different people at Graco Real Estate Development and Corralito Steak House corporate all week long, but have not heard back to get 100 percent conformation. There is a small, small chance that Corralito won't be in the old Cattle Baron location, but with all our sources, it seems like that will be the new home.

For those who do not know, Corralito Steak House has served the El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua community for more than 25 years. They have a variety of food and drinks on their menu.

There's currently only six Corralito locations and they're only in those two towns, until now. When they come to Lubbock, you'll find yourself in a relaxing establishment that's ready to serve you.

Corralito Steak House via Facebook
Corralito Steak House via Facebook

Corralito is set to start construction any day now and are looking forward to serving the Lubbock community in January 2020. They haven't started the training or hiring process, but hopefully it will get underway soon.

Photo by: Kelsee Pitman
Photo: Kelsee Pitman

Above is what the building looks like as of October 22nd, 2021. While I haven't eaten at Corralito yet, just looking at their menu and mouth-watering pictures makes everything looks delicious. And there are so many options. I look forward to trying out Corralito Steak House when they open in Lubbock in early 2022..

If you know any new places opening up or want us to cover somewhere cool please email me! I love trying new places, contact me,

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