I went over this on-air, so I guess I have to do it online now.

There is a rumor that a scary political donor is paying Antifa protestors to roll up in small towns and wreck the place. Then, gullible rubes show up and line the streets with their pew-pews to fight them off and later claim to have scared them off when they don't even show up.

If there is a more idiotic situation, then I don't know what is. Logic, people.

First off, so far this hasn't happened anywhere. Next up, why would these people come to your little craphole of a town? If they were looking to loot, they'd do it in the big cities where there's more stuff and they could go back home and sleep in their own beds. If they were looking to raise hell for publicity, don't you think they'd do that in the big cities, too? Y'know where the big TV stations and networks are?

This is a classic, low-I.Q. conspiracy theory. Take some time and read about conspiracy theories at some point. They are the simplest answers to complicated questions and are often filled with small details (i.e. white vans) in order to make the whole thing more plausible.

So far, a number of towns in the Pacific Northwest have fallen for this nonsense, including Klamath Falls, Oregon and Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Businesses boarded up with windows and the misinformed turned out to "protect" their town from the boogeyman.

Let's put this in local terms, why the hell would anyone want to loot the Family Dollar in B.F.E. when they could find some prime spots in Lubbock or Dallas to hit up for the good stuff? These little towns just don't need to be protected. If you want to help your community, go give blood or help out at the local food bank.

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