If I had a dollar for every dollar I spend trying to win the lottery, I might not need to play the lottery. I am usually not a gambling man, I don't bet on football, or basketball, I don't go to Vegas or to Ruidoso to go to casino's, I like to know I will be getting something for my money.

Until the freaking Powerball Lotto showed up. Now When the jackpot reaches about 70 million I have a tendency to try my luck...along with everyone else.

I even have a super secret place I stash my tickets until the night of the drawing so that if someone were to break in they wouldn't find them and make off with my tv or my car and my millions.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately I have never forgotten where I stashed a ticket only to discover when I come across it that I'd won a couple million bucks.

I'd never be as lucky as this dude who found a winning ticket for $4.80 million in his cookie jar, the only thing I ever find in my cookie jar is crumbs...

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