Let's call this a "something for everybody list."

As you may have heard, someone in Lubbock recently won $3 million dollars from the lottery. We don't know if this person is a student, a professional or a crackhead. That's why I've compiled a very different list of things that could be done with the money, from the educational to the personally destructive.

I know what I'd spend my money on if I had $3 million bucks: HALLOWEEN. Then again, that's just me. You might buy a room full of pinball machines or just throw one epic, drunken rager. You might make a sensible investment or you might decide the time is right to bring back emu farms. Remember those?

As I said, I don't know you. I would say since you're reading this you can at least make words into brain thoughts, but then again, you may go off the rails every now and now. So maybe don't spend the money on the bad things on the list, but compare the bad things to the good things that you could be getting. Let's just go with that, okay?

So here are seven very Lubbock things you can buy with $3,000,000.

7 Questionable Things You Could Buy With $3 Million in Lubbock

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