Okay, stick with me here through a highly improbable scenario.

Let's say there was a flood that we didn't know about, a real one of biblical proportions. Then let's say it carried a tiny touring boat into Lubbock, Texas. On board were a goofy deckhand, a skipper, a millionaire and his wife (stop me if you've heard this before), a kinda hot farm girl, a professor, and a movie star.

Now let's imagine that our castaways washed up in some very tall weeds off of Loop 289 in Lubbock. Taking it one step further, they were so traumatized by the events, that they don't move very far from the boat, and live on the wild turkeys that are nearby (yes, that's a thing too).

All of this may seem a little implausible to you, but explain this:


Yes, that boat is off the I-27/Loop 289 access road in north Lubbock, and every single time I see it, it reminds me of "...here on Gilligans Isle...".

Now are certainly hope everyone leaves this boat, and the boat owner alone. It does appear to be on private property and is marked thusly nearby. I'm not even saying that it's an eyesore, I'm saying that it's just "odd".  You have to admit that there's not much use for boats in Lubbock, especially this type of old-school setup. It's set up somewhat near the access road and it just brings up so many questions every time I pass it (it may be on private land, but it doesn't appear to be near anything else, it's just sitting in an open field).

Anyways, good luck on getting that thing ship-shape Captain!

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