I love to watch dogs frolic in the snow.

Some dogs take the snow a little better than others. As you can imagine, it's a bit tougher on smaller dogs. The snow in Lubbock this weekend presented that problem for my boy Apollo.

The best the vet could tell is that Apollo was part min-pin and part chihuahua. The people who gave him away said he was part chihuahua and part pug. Either way, this left him looking like a tiny head attached to a fat tube with four sticks for legs. Even worse, it left him at a certain height with the recent snow.

You see, Apollo was too tall to be buried running out in the snow and he was too tall for his chest to part the snow like the bow of a ship. It turns out Apollo was the perfect height to drag his willy in the snow. He was a pecker plow, leaving a very distinct mark in the snow when he forced himself to go out to the bathroom.

As you can see from the picture, this frozen wiener symptom left him very dejected and not very happy at all about the situation. Guess what? No one was willing to help him warm up his furry rudder, either.

If you can, imagine getting on your hands and knees with just your jimmy-jack-johnson dragging through the snow. Not a very comforting thought, is it? That's why I will be counting on you to send your thoughts and prayers to Apollo because no one should suffer an indignity like this.

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