“Don’t Drive Dirty!”

Quick Quack takes pride in being environmentally friendly by conserving and recycling its water. Quick Quack's reclaim system uses as little as eight gallons of fresh water per car and the environmentally friendly shampoos are biodegradable and non-corrosive. Quick Quack does not use any of the acids or other corrosive materials that touchless car washes employ.Besides being more environmentally friendly than traditional commercial car washes, Quick Quack wants to pull people out of their driveway. A person washing their own car in their driveway uses 50-150 gallons of fresh water. That water mixes with harmful soaps that go down the storm drains that lead to streams and rivers. Many communities have banned driveway car washing not just because of the wasted water, but because of the phosphates and other harmful soaps and chemicals going into fresh water systems. Quick Quack is a proud member of WaterSavers, a car wash industry program dedicated to raising awareness for water conservation and environmentally friendly practices at professional car washes.

Founded: 2007

Led by: Mark Torres