It's been suggested to me numerous times to run for office. I'm dumb enough to have explored the idea.

The reason you'll never have a Mayor Nessman is because there's no real salary for the job. I can't afford to work like crazy for no pay. I've thought of doing it just as a joke, but there's a bigger problem to that. Broadcast rules say I'd have to come off the radio while I'm running for office. Otherwise, I'd have an unfair advantage.

So no money to win and no money while I'm running sounds like a no-go to me. Let's dive deeper.

There are some of you who think the idea in itself is preposterous. I assure you, it is not. There are tons of politicians who have won a race for an elected office based on having a familiar name (former Texas Tech football head coach Tommy Tuberville being one of the latest). I've actually talked to local politicos who have assured me that if I ran, I'd win, or at the very least be a contender.

I also learned an important lesson in the last couple of years. I volunteered for a position with the Arts Board (sorry, I can't remember the proper name). I did this because I felt like the city was being ripped off when booking talent, hiring sound, etc. and I thought I could help.

I was denied (and asked to consider another position), but I realized that I can and have done more for Lubbock just by talking about these issues on-air. Yeah, I feel like I'm doing my part just by doing my day-to-day stuff.

So, will you ever see me run for office? Maybe when I'm done with radio, and I hope that is a long way away. In the meantime, keep upping the salary for the county commissioners, and you may see me in one of those seats someday.

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