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Little Cassie, the world's smallest adult entertainer, will return to the Hub City for several performances at Lubbock's Jaguar's Club beginning Thursday, October 15th through Saturday, October 17th, 2020.

That includes several fully nude performances each night.

Standing in at 2'10”, Sassee Cassee, Is Officially Recognized Worldwide, as The Worlds Smallest Stripper. I’m One of a Kind, A Real Star.

Little Cassie has been featured in many articles, radio interviews and YouTube videos, including the delightful treasure below, which contains no less than Cassie in a power wheels, a blunt bigger than one of her legs, a dude playing Snoop on a violin, and other assorted weirdness that I contend is absolutely art if anything is art:

As you can see, Cassie is a serious athlete. I would die attempting to do any of her signature moves. In fact, her particular form of dwarfism gives her unparalleled flexibility. Her amazing upper body strength is 100 percent her effort.

“At school I was teased and made fun of, but when I did
gymnastics and showed I was better than some of the normal size kids I gained acceptance. I exercised and developed my muscles – my flexibility gave me an edge. I also played adapted soccer and hockey and was determined not to let being small hinder my life. As a kid I was always horrifying my parents by shimmying up and down flag
poles. I guess it’s why I was always destined to be the world’s tiniest pole dancer."

Can't wait? Cassie has an Onlyfans page (of course). She may be small, but be sure you tip big when you witness the glory of this superstar.

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