Lots of mud has been slung all over both sides, as Microsoft and Sony are at battle with each other yet again this year. In one corner, we have the Xbox One, and in the other, the Playstation 4. Who ya got?!

Technologically wise, the game systems have a very similar setup regarding processors, hard drives, USB ports, graphic abilities, etc. What we've yet to see is a true benefactor that disregards one from the other, besides the Playstation logo on one and the Xbox logo on the other.

What we're really seeing here is a seemingly complete 180-degree shift in the direction of both systems.

What we saw with the Playstation 3 was a full-on multimedia hub centered around bringing out a family-friendly atmosphere blended with the ability to game.

The Xbox 360 was simply and straightforwardly a game system in and of itself.

Now, the tables have turned, as the Xbox One wants to be the all-around multimedia central in your living room, being able to switch from live TV back to your game that you're playing and vice versa, updating you on your fantasy points on NFL game days, bringing out full high definition with Blu-Ray, and so on. Playstation 4 wants to be the gaming guru, a powerhouse hellbent on delivering a straight-up brilliant gaming experience with more of the family friendly stuff on the side, but not forgotten.

It's basically like the two companies are trying to mirror each other, which is an obvious tactic run through by many companies.

So, with the information we have right now, who wins the bout?

Well, in retrospect, both are at a pretty dead even stake at this point.

We've seen Xbox bring together another slew of impressive gaming series', like the brand spankin' new Halo trilogy, another new Forza, one of the most successful racing franchises  to date, being ready at launch, and another exclusive for Xbox, Titanfall.

Sony's dazzled us with showing us how deep its technology continues to become and delve. It looks like the Playstation 4 will be the most advanced system strictly for gaming, as the Xbox churns its direction toward the family tree.

We'll see what happens, but I think for now, it's a little too hard to say who the clear frontrunner is. Stay tuned...