Greg Abbott's mission to solve problems that really don't exist continues.

Hey, before you get all mad at me for taking on this topic, let me ask you a very, very simple question: how many places have asked you to show "proof of vaccination"? You don't have to answer, because I know the answer is none.

Governor Abbott, who's trying to appear busy for whatever reason, has now signed into law something that threatens fines if a business requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination. So, what happened to the idea that you could run your business any way you want? What happened to a free market? Most of all, can I sue if someone comes into my business with COVID-19 because I couldn't ask them if they've been vaccinated?

This sure seems like a fascist move to me with the governor telling business owners what they can and can't do. Help me out here: I can tell gay people I don't want to make them a cake, but I can't keep someone from giving me/other customers a potentially fatal disease? Is that about where we're at here?

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About the only business out there requiring proof of vaccination is Carnival cruises, and I, for one, am damn glad they are. I'd certainly think ships would be the ultimate breeding ground for this kind of thing, and I respect their right to protect themselves and customers.

My friends, we don't always see eye to eye on things. We may even be of different political parties, but damn, could you at least try to put a better human in office than Greg Abbott? His pandering and nonsense laws and regulations are about as awful as politics get. Put up somebody who wants to help Texas, and not someone who just wants to eke out a few more votes from the far, far side of one political party.

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