Did you ever wish you could have MORE dogs and cats?

One of my "lottery" dreams is to be able to provide homes for more dogs and cats. Well, we're not all going to win the lottery so it's important to do what we can when we can.

The RockShow encourages you to help "adopt" the 75 dogs at The Haven. The Haven has a ton of pets right now and we know you can't take them all home even though you want to. What you CAN do is, donate some pet food (or cash) to The Haven to help feed these puppers.

If you've lost a pet (we're so sorry), have overbought, or have purchased food that your pet doesn't care for, bring the unopened bags or cans to The Haven. There are dogs there that would be very grateful for your donation. Every pet food donation also allows The Haven to direct other donations to other needs.

The Haven truly is a heartwarming place and in addition to the adoptable dogs, The Haven also has some animals that are not adoptable or have special needs that are given a chance to live out their lives among some very caring humans.

Please join The RockShow is supporting this very worthy and very urgent need. Remember, this is what YOU would do if you had the time and space. Instead, your small contribution will help a place that has most of the resources to do the job (I would also mention that volunteering at The Haven is fun and very rewarding too).

You can donate to The Haven at havenlubbockpp@gmail.com or Venmo @havenacs. If you'd like to do something in addition to pet food ou can find their Amazon Wish List here.

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