Are you planning on checking out Disturbed and Chevelle in Midland? Nothing More is opening, so it's a big three-band show. If you're going, we have the code and link you need to know.

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire (2)

Disturbed tickets are going on sale Friday, July 15, but you can get them before 10 p.m. tonight with the special code below.

You have some decisions to make, too. There are general admission floor seats, but there are also reserved "riser" seats. Then there are those VIP packages. You can do meet and greets, or you can actually be a part of a Foosball tournament. (Hell yeah, why not?)

We love Disturbed and go way back with the boys (remember The Firecracker Five?), so we have the sads that this show isn't in Lubbock. We can always hope to get on the next leg of their tour. With that said, it's crazy to miss a chance to see them October 18 in Midland because you never know when a tour is going to end.

So how about that early ticket access? It's as easy as this. Click on this link and type in the presale code KFMX under the radio presale option. There you go. We have the ticket hookups even when they are out of town.