We got to get America back to being loud and proud.

Right now, our biggest threat isn't politics, it's the coronavirus that keeps hanging on. We've got to get everyone healthy and out from under all of the stress and anxiety they've been experiencing. I would hope that once we get out from under this dark cloud that we'll all see a little clearer and be a little better to each other.

We are in a pressure cooker. Not only have our daily lives been disrupted, but it seems at times that a lot of people aren't doing what it takes to make it better. We can do better, and we can do it in very small steps.

All you have to do is follow the simple protocols that were set out for a little while longer. I know some people want to get a little loose with things now that the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived, but you have to hold on just a bit longer.

Look at the flip side: how much would it suck to be within a month or two of getting a shot and you came down with the butterlung? You don't need that nonsense. You also don't need the flu or strep or whatever.

Get yourself a cool bandana you can double up for a good looking mask. Bandanas are a stinkin' dollar at the flea market and you can find something that fits your personality. Don't forget to wash your hands on the reg and watch out for those things you touch. Also, stay away from people just a little bit longer.

Do the things so we can get back together as a country and discuss our differences with a clear mind.

P.S. If you want to achieve superstar status, give blood or plasma. They both really need you right now.

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