This morning while talking to the Heathen I happened to mention a "Chunky" bar.  He had no idea of what I was talking about. Now for the record a Chunky bar was various nuts and raisins mixed into a square, thick candy bar.  Yep, none of those new fangled 'rectangular' bars for us..we got our candy bars in squares and WE LIKED IT.  More after the jump.


Somewhat surprised by Heathen's lack of knowledge on the "Chunky Bar", I googled them.  Guess what was the first entry that came up?  It was "Old Time Candy".  Yep, I'm officially old.  So I started browsing their site and some of the stuff that they considered "Old Time Candy" was pretty surprising.  First off, I don't consider stuff you can get at 7-11 to be "old".  They had Snickers, Milky way and Zero bars listed (Zero bars are a bit old time-y, but heck, we still have them in our candy machine here.   Among some of the stuff that's no longer available but I'm not sure we sure we should call "old" include: Sugar Daddy's, Pop Rocks and Zotz (the ones that made your mouth foam like a rabid dog.  Some of the ones that are definitely past their glory years are: Abba Zabbas, Gum & Candy Cigarettes, Candy buttons on paper tape (were those ever good), Chick-o-sticks, Clove Gum and Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds.

Wow, did I make you hungry for any candy from your past.  I have found that you can find some of this stuff at Cracker Barrel and believe it or not, The Tractor Supply Company (I bought some "Mallow Cups" there recently, and though I never had 'em as a kid, I really liked them).

So anyways, if you get a chance visit The Old Time Candy Company and check out what they 'consider' old.  Some you will agree with, some will leave you questioning your age and some will give you cravings.


Then the other day I went to Tractor Supply Company

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