Anyone from Lubbock, Texas can tell you who Mike Leach is, they can give you at the very minimum who he is, what he coached at Texas Tech and bits and pieces of why he is no longer the coach of the (not so) mighty Red Raiders.When Coach Leach "allegedly" made Adam James sit in a dark storage closet it made national news. Every move Leach made was splashed across newspapers and on every major network in every major city in the U.S.

Who will ever forget all the name calling and the mud slinging that went on surrounding that case, and in the end for what? Texas Tech lost one hell of a coach, and the NFL still got one hell of a player, oh wait, Adam James won't go on to play in the NFL.

Enter Tommy Tuberville, Kent Hance's new "golden boy," the one who so far has done less for the Tech football team than donuts and vodka.

And now we have, what in most cases would be a MAJOR news story about Tuberville himself being accused of $1.7 MILLION dollar fraud charges. Yet most news outlets have little if anything to report or say.

I've asked several Tech students if there's much discussion on campus on this story, and the answer has been... what are you talking about? Someone please tell me how this is possible!

I love the Red Raiders, and yes everyone is innocent until proven guilty (except in the case of Mike Leach), but this is the kind of crap that really rubs me the wrong friggin way!