Okay, now I know this is a thing.

West Texas Auctions/Pixlr
West Texas Auctions/Pixlr

The Start

My first experience with professional, non-charity auctions in Lubbock was probably the same as a lot of other peoples. There were a TON of people who have never been a part of an auction jumping in to score memorabilia and other items from Joyland. I didn't find anything to suit me in that auction, but I found another auction that interested me.

The Auction

West Texas Auctions is holding an "Overstock and Consignment Auction" this Friday and the pre-bidding has begun. All items start with a $5 opening bid, so you can get in on the fun at very low price-point. So what's in this auction? The items are from "Amazon & Other Retailers" and some consignment items.

The Items

This is where things get interesting. The first things up for grabs on the page are several lots of red light sabers (listed as "Light Swords", so probably not licensed Star Wars merch). I found those to be such a weirdly specific item, that I had to mention them. I also saw a really weird teak end table, that was already seeing a bunch of bids. You can also bid on electronics, a ton of very specific car parts, and a whole bunch more.

And More

Oh, you want more weirdness? How about lots of teddy bears that say "Hug Me"? Maybe you need one of the five rice dispensers (holds 25 pounds at a time!), or the "Retro Boho Hanging Fruit Baskets"? You could also get into a 75" television cheap if you're willing to put up with some small blackout spots near the edge.

Good Luck!

I will tell you one thing, it's addictive to pre-bid on this stuff (you'll see me on their shortly). In the meantime, I hope you get those red light sabers, uh light swords, I really do.

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