I've brought this topic up a number of times, and finally, something is being done about it.

The world doesn't operate like it (supposedly) ever did; people work and have days off different days of the week. From nurses to oilfield workers and so on, many people have different days off than the bankers and government workers.

Right now in Texas, you can't buy what they call "hard liquor" on Sundays. That's just ignorant. It's as ignorant as the previous blue laws we had, which said you couldn't buy lawnmowers on Sundays (yes, that really was a thing).

At this point, it doesn't even matter why these laws were ever put into effect. They're as outdated as witch trials, and they need to go.

A Texas lawmaker has now introduced a bill meant to send these laws into the history books. I have my fingers crossed for the bill to pass. The lawmaker who introduced this bill, Representative Richard Raymond of Laredo, said he didn't think the government had any business telling a small business what they can do on Sundays.

My personal thanks go out to Representative Raymond for trying to add some sanity to the Texas legal system. I think it's going to be really hard for other legislators to come out against this without looking like prohibition-era tools.

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