At about 3:30 pm on November 16th, I was sitting in my office at the station on the third floor of an office building at 82nd and Quaker. About an hour earlier the power in the building had cut off and come back on. Weird, but not something that never happens.

But within minutes, something much more rare would happen.

An actual earthquake. As a native West Texan, I can't remember a time when I've been in an earthquake. I've lived through my share of tornados and flash floods but that is about the extent of my natural disaster experience. I did fall asleep one time reading Harry Potter and knock my lamp into my bed, roll over on it and combust my blanket and mattress into flames in the sixth grade.

My elementary school might tell you that was a sign from God to not read Harry Potter, but I took it as a mere coincidence or an attempt for Sirius Black to communicate via floo powder.

I digress, as I was recovering from the weird power surge and the inordinate amount of Christian influencers promoted in my Twitter feed today, the building started to shake.

Again. Mere coincidence. I hope.

I asked the fine folks of Lubbock if anyone else felt the earthquake and people chimed in from 82nd and University, in the dorms and lecture halls at Texas Tech, Covenant Children's Hospital, and Downtown Lubbock saying they felt the shake.

The original source of the earthquake was North East of Pecos, Texas with a 5.5-level earthquake rippling from there through Lubbock. On the map below there might have been reports of the quake in Snyder, San AngeloClovis, and

Apparently, there have been other aftershock tremors felt in the area before. Like this one that originated in Oklahoma back in 2011 reported on by

Now that I know it was just an earthquake ripple and not the end times, I'm going to go find a Mass service or something just to make sure I'm good.

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