I noticed a post on the LBK Foodies Facebook page discussing the best places in Lubbock to get queso. There were dozens of responses and it's clear that everyone has their favorite spot.

I'm partial to Rosa's. There is nothing quite like a fresh tortilla dunked in that yummy queso. It's just so good. I'm pretty sure when I was in high school, I ate enough tortillas and queso on my lunch break to feed most of Lubbock. You don't get a booty like this by accident.

We narrowed down the top 15 places LBK Foodies members listed the most frequently in their discussion. Check it out, and let us know if you think we missed a good one.

11 Great Places To Get Queso In Lubbock

Now, there were a couple of other places listed, one of them being Cheddar's. I left that one completely off the list for obvious reasons. It's Cheddar's. It's grandma's favorite chain restaurant. It's microwave madness in that kitchen. Cheddar's is not going on the list, guys. You can all try again.

If you think Cheddar's has the best queso in town, you probably also like ketchup on your steak and use a top sheet in your bed. If you think Cheddar's has the best queso in Lubbock, your mom is probably still dressing you for elementary school.


Get out there and check out some of the real Mexican food in Lubbock and then try to tell me that Cheddar's belongs on this list. The audacity...

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