The RockShow asked listeners to share with us what movie traumatized them more than any others. Sitting between my mom and my uncle at the movie theater when I was 8 years old and watching those hot and steamy love scenes in Titanic definitely tops the chart for me. 100-percent traumatic, no doubt.

Here's a list of other movies that really messed with people:

"The Brave Little Toaster...the scene where the a/c unit is all angry during the storm." - A.J. Burkett

"The Ring. Scared the hell out of me. I left the theater shaking." - David Shager

"The original Halloween. Nope. Still can't watch it." - D. Bjorn Christian

"The Exorcist. My dad decided to torture us into watching it to scare us into behaving. Let me say, I'm a BIG horror fan and have watched most of the horror movies out there. However, I can not watch this one, it F with me." - Monica Lara

"I saw Jaws at a young age. I’ve been terrified of sharks/the ocean ever since." - Kyle Copeland

"Nightmare on Elm Street. The alley scene. Won't ever take the trash out at night ever again." - Brian Medlock

"I saw Brokeback Mountain with my 80-year-old grandmother because I was a few weeks shy of being 17. We never spoke of it again." - Phillip Rudy

"Children of the Corn. I was way too young to have watched it and had a creepy friend who had me over to both watch that movie and summon demons on his Ouija board. Cisco, if you’re still out there, thanks for the night terrors." - Evan Bandy

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"Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey! Even though I was already a horror movie buff at the time, that scene of the grandma chasing them in hell gave me nightmares for years." - Stephen Kelley

"Dad wanted me to watch Deliverance when I was 12. It effed my mind forever. He thought the scenery on the float trip was wonderful." - Ben Blankenship

"The Fox and the Hound, when she drops him off in the woods and he sat there watching her drive away." - Johnathan Talamentez

"The Leprechaun. To this day I have nightmares where he's chasing me and the only way to kill him is to jam a banana into his forehead." - Selena Martinez

"A Clockwork Orange at age 5 effed me up permanently." - Matt Morgan

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