The RockShow asked listeners to give us some sarcastic shout-outs and they did not disappoint. We shared some of our favorites on-air, but there were so many awesome ones, we decided we should share a few more with you.


"Shout out to our neighbor's dog, Raphael, who never forgets to try and hump your leg when you visit!" - Dean Dodson

"Shout out to Chrissy and Wes for having me explain to my son that threesome isn't a word you use in normal contexts." - Jay Chapa

"Shout out to my neighbor's cat for always using my yards for sh*ttin' fields!" - Andrea Parras

"Shout out to God for having the power to create the universe but not enough power to make people get along." - JJ Howell

"Shout out to Braxton from McDonald's for not knowing how to count and hooking me up with that 9-piece McNugget." - JJ Howell

"Shout out to my toddler for the soggy chip I just found in the bag." - Austin Goolsby-Perry

"Shout out to constipation and not being able to poop while on vacation." - Aaron Johnson

"Shout out to the drivers who don't understand how on and off-ramps work." - Tyson Earl

"Shout out to clients that call me on nights and weekends because I clearly have no life outside of work." - Ross Hamill

"Shout out to jars of minced garlic and pickle juice for cleaning me out faster than a professional poker player." - Steven Ellis

"Shout out to my arms for always being by my side." - Randy Elizondo

"Shout out to my butthole for putting up with my sh*t." - Danny Ortiz

"Shout out to LPL for shutting off my light the day after I pay my bill." - Beardo McWeirdo

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