Nothing like a basket of tortilla chips and some homemade salsa!

This Saturday, February 24th, is National Tortilla Chip Day, which just happens to be the most important day of the year. Where are you planning to celebrate? If you need a few suggestions, I've got a list of 13 places in Lubbock for the best tortilla chips in the land.

13 Yummy Places To Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day in Lubbock

Who has the best chips in town?

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

My favorite place to eat tortilla chips in Lubbock is 50th Street Caboose. They are always SO good and hot and fresh. They make excellent salsa, too. But, I also don't know if I've ever met a basket of tortilla chips that I didn't like, so I might not be the best judge. I'm always down.

Did you see your favorite place in town for tortilla chips?

I'd love to hear about more great places to add to this list. Who do you think makes the best chips in Lubbock, AND what makes them so special? Leave me a comment below this article wherever you see it, or feel free to email me at if you think I should add your favorite place to this list.

I hope you enjoy National Tortilla Chip Day! I suggest a huge plate of nachos and a cold beer...and on that note, it's time to head to lunch. I think I might have to hit up Caboose...

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