The popular Facebook page LBK Foodies hosted a recent discussion about the best places in Lubbock to get wings. There are WAY more places in town to get them than you might realize. After reviewing their list, I've narrowed down the 18 places that were mentioned the most.

Before you check out the gallery below, it's important to remember that I am not ranking these restaurants in any specific order. I will, however, say that Beef O' Brady's WAS mentioned more often than any other restaurant. I had no idea they made such great wings! I'll definitely have to check them out next time I stop in.

Here's the list of great places to find wings in Lubbock, Texas. Enjoy!

19 Delicious Places To Get Wings In Lubbock, Texas


I was honestly surprised that nobody mentioned Hooters. They used to be known for their wings. I guess nobody goes there anymore? Weird...

Did we miss a place that you love to get wings in Lubbock? Comment your favorite place to go below this article or feel free to email me at to add a restaurant to the list!

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