Some mornings, I hop right out of bed, ready to host The RockShow (weekday mornings on 94.5 FMX -- listen on the radio or the FMX app). Other days, I absolutely struggle.

I forget that millions of other people are also dragging themselves to the coffee pot, right there with me. I envy morning people, and in spite of my chipper demeanor on-air, I do have days that I just want to go back to sleep. I think we all do. That's why I decided to ask people to share with me what they do during the first 15 minutes of their day.

Perhaps we can gain some insight on ways to start our day off more productively from one another, or at the very least, we can share in the suffering.


"Alarm 1, 7:07, I get up, take a shower. If I snooze though, Alarm 2, 7:16, no shower, whore bath, zombie till I get my first cup of coffee." - Aaron D.

"I pee. Then I play 'dodge cat' to the coffee maker. Make the 'wake me the eff up juice'. Pour a cup. 'Sip-walk' my way to the great outdoors. Light up a smoke. Then I spend the remainder of the quarter giggling, learning or feeling whatever generated by my lovely friends on Facebook." - Suzie S.

"I lay in bed in disappointment knowing all the sex I just had was just a dream." - Gary D.

"I turn on my personal development (audiobook, or YouTube video depending on what I’m doing at that moment). Wash my face, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, then journaling, reading and coffee for a bit before jumping onto the computer for work." - Amanda R.

"Mostly telling my animals to calm down, go outside and potty, and 'I know you’re hungry- I'm working on it' - Bethany I.

"Minutes 1-3: Acquire pants, brush hair. Minutes 4-12: Drive to work. Minutes 12-15: The first four minutes of work" - Nathan A.

"I’m a morning person so I'm up right away and already getting ready. I also hold my cat right away. LOL"  - Alexis K.

"My husband holds me stuck to my bed until I finally have to pry him off me with a crowbar." Brandon R.

"Usually involves stumbling to the coffee pot, pouring a cup, and heading to my desk to stare at my unread emails until I finish my first cup. It’s my way of tackling the 'pre-work day' anxiety of never knowing what fires I'll have to put out." - Randi B.

"Restroom, drink a bottle of water, stretch then make my coffee. Boring, but it's what I do." - Paul A.

"Make coffee..let the dogs out..put on my earbuds, music till The RockShow starts...drink coffee...drink coffee..." - Courtney B.

"Wake up to the soliloquy of my banshee offspring requesting nutritional substance while my stay-at-home partner changes her, then I wander social media until its time for work with the goblin screaming after me to return and pay her homage like the Goddess she is." - Anee R.

"I wake up go straight to the bathroom and then spend 15 mins fighting my dog for my spot back while trying not to wake up my boyfriend." - Anna W.

"Get awaken by 2 hungry cats, use the bathroom, feed said cats, clean the kitchen up some if it needs it since I'm already in there go back to the bathroom to brush teeth then lay back down to try and go back to sleep before I have to officially wake up. Lol" - Janel A.

"I drag myself to the bathroom just to stare into the mirror and miss the bed for 10 minutes." - Emily C.

"Make coffee, bathroom, drink coffee, have a cigarette, start practicing guitar. Gets the brain moving for the day." - David S.

"I usually end up croaking like a frog to my Echo Dot, 'Alexa stop!' Then when I think I have about a few extra minutes to snooze, my phone goes off. Looney Tunes aka Luna (my cat), initiates operation Hell Cat by making sure she swats my phone off the nightstand before attempting to sit on my face or worse, a full bladder. This usually forces me out of bed to go pee and then stumble/follow the scent of freshly brewed coffee because 1) I’m groggy AF and 2) I never think to put on my glasses even though I’m blind as a bat but hey, at least there’s hot coffee at the end of my dark hallway and I was kind enough to myself to go program the coffee pot the night before. Lol." -Kimberly R.

"I wake. Then I bake. Then I make my girlfriend breakfast and put my clothes on for work." - Kyle B.

"Get up around 10:30 and eat, turn the tv on, eat until it's time to go to bed. Sometimes check the mail." - Eric R.

"I go outside and pee with my dog in the backyard." - Skylar B.

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