Apparently, nails on the chalkboard aren't the most annoying sound in the world to 94.5 FMX listeners, who shared with The RockShow what noise they find to be the absolute worst. I didn't realize until now just how many obnoxious sounds there are out there.

My morning show partner Wes Nessman cannot stand the sound of other people chewing, and I absolutely can't stand dogs howling in the yard at a passing ice cream truck or ambulance. Those are nothing compared to what our listeners shared.

Check them out below, and if you have an annoying sound to add to the list, please comment below or on our Facebook page. We would love to hear it...well, not literally, in this case.

(I apologize in advance if the sheer mention of these noises sends you into a complete rage. You have every right.)

The 23 Most Hated Sounds

If reading this list of terrible noises left you feeling angry or annoyed, then my job here is done. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the sounds that drive us bonkers, and once again, if you think of another please let us know! There's nothing quite like have a list of the most annoying sounds in the world. I'm unstoppable now. Watch out, folks.

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