Some of our favorite guys are in the neighborhood, and we thought you might like to know.

3 Doors Down will play the Inn of the Mountain Gods (a really nice place) on Friday, September 14th.

I've seen a lot of shows in my lifetime, and 3 Doors Down are just a flat-out amazing live group. It's not stage tricks or jumping around or any other form of showmanship; it's the songs. This band's songs just connect, and some cut deep when played live.

The trip to the Inn of the Mountain Gods will run you four and a half to five and a half hours. Along the way, you may want to stop in Roswell to take some pics with U.F.O. stuff. As for the hotel itself, well, I was pretty impressed with the back door of each room opening up into a beautiful lake.

Collective Soul will open the show. You can get tickets at the Inn of the Mountain Gods website.

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