Keep your makeup on point with these easy summer makeup hacks.

El Paso is nicknamed the Sun City for a reason and this heat and ever-growing humidity can wreak havoc on your perfectly applied makeup, but with these easy hacks, you can overcome the sweltering heat this summer.

Milk of Magnesia

Sure milk of magnesia can help an upset stomach, and heartburn but it also works great at keeping an oily face at bay. I keep a bottle of milk of magnesia in the fridge and apply it with a cotton pad before I begin my makeup routine. Try it, it works.

Hot vs. Cold Water

After a long day, going home and wiping off my makeup is one of my favorite feelings. I'm not only washing off my make up but also the grime of the day. During summer months the cold tap water is actually pretty warm because of the triple-digit heat outside. With this in mind, I lather up my face and then open the hot tap water and find that I can get colder water to splash on my face vs. the cold water tap for a few seconds.


Before makeup touch-ups throughout your day consider blotting your face first. You can use any blotting papers, or make your own* and then handle touch-ups. Otherwise, if your face is oily or sweaty, all you end up doing is swirling around sweat and oil across your face.

*Make your own blotting papers - You can easily make your own blotting papers by simply cutting up gift tissue paper into squares and lightly dusting them with cornstarch. You can store them in a container or a sandwich bag and use as you need them throughout the day.

El Paso’s summer weather is no joke so try these easy makeup hacks to help your makeup stay put.

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