It's important to have a positive attitude in life. Even if you're looking down the wrong end of a gun, at least you can think, "ha ha, guess who won't have to do dirty dishes anymore!"

So we have crazy weather in Texas. Mostly crazy, hot, awful weather, but still crazy weather. With this in mind, I present the top 5 good things about the weather in Texas.

  • 1

    Those Summer Nights

    Aren't summer nights the best? Mosquito's, sweat, insane cooling bills and heat rashes all add up to a good time, don't they? Plus, summer around here seems to last forever. Around May people quit saying, "howdy" and just skip to saying, "'s tooooooo hot!".

  • 2

    That One Day Of Spring Is AMAZING

    Yes we have Spring here, it's that day between Winter and Summer. It's usually nice and about 75 degrees, except some years it's really cold, really hot, or really something else.

  • 3

    It's Always Surprising!

    Ponies could fall from the sky here and no one would blink an eye. It's like the weather here celebrates every day as "anything can happen day".  Good luck catching one of those ponies on your tongue too.

  • 4

    Tornadoes Are Natures Spin Cycle

    Ever wonder what it would be like to take a ride inside a washing machine or dryer? Well, wonder no more. Just hitch a ride on the nearest tornado for a swirly good time.

  • 5

    The Dust Brings Us Together

    Rich, poor, black or white, the dust makes us all brown, especially in our lungs. The races, genders and all age groups are brought together in our emergency rooms choking on the thick West Texas Air. Some people say, "we all bleed red", but I like to say, "we all cough up the same yellowy-green lung butter".

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