In 2025 the Big 12 will go ***KABOOM*** and we may lose millions in our economy.

We do not have to let participation in the Big 12 dictate our future. All we have to do is be proactive about these things now. If we put in a little elbow grease, Lubbock will be a more diverse and better place to live. I have some suggestions on how we can do this.

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    We need leaders who lead and not follow.

    We need leaders who lead and not follow. I know this sounds like a heavy lift, but we need people that can execute a plan and not just be a puppet or figurehead. We need people with vision. Without proper leadership, the other six items on this list won't matter.

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    Create an aggressive tourism campaign

    .Tourism does not necessarily mean a trip to a museum. Tourism is quite ofter someone coming to town on a day or overnight trip to have dinner, visit a sports event or go shopping. How can we improve the experience for tourists? How can we make a trip to Lubbock more worthwhile? We need to work harder in this area.

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    We need a shop local campaign

    We need people to recognize that when they shop here they put food on someone's table here. We don't need our cash to pay for another billionaire's space flight.

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    Strengthen our own identity.

    Complete this sentence, "Lubbock is the_____town". I'll be you couldn't. We really aren't the sports town, or the music town, or the steak town or anything else. We need the word "Lubbock" to conjure up specific images in everyone's minds (and the whole Buddy Holly thing is getting long in the tooth).

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    Improve the quality of life

    Lubbock tends to add to its population (slowly) by having folks from the surrounding towns "move up to the city". We need to be better than that. We need to make Lubbock an attractive place to call home and not only work on multiplying the simple pleasures, but also reducing crime.

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    Increase participation and support of existing events

    We may not have the Longhorns to kick around anymore, but there are surely ways to increase attendance at all sporting and entertainment events. The goal is to engage people and connect them with other members of the community.

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    Stop the brain drain

    Why is it that Lubbock can't keep some of those 40,000 Tech students? Why do we churn out college degrees that are applied elsewhere? These people could be contributing to our existing business and building new ones. We need to create opportunities and outreach to keep the best and brightest in the Hub